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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

You Can HelpThose Who Need Housing by Improving Your Bottom Line

Each plan is a minimum 12 month agreement with a renewal option for each plan offered in month 10.

The Top 1000 CI companies are capable of making $100K or more of additional profit each year, and we are willing to show them how to go about it.

If you select one of the three profit service plans, we will offer a $250 set-up fee (normally $1,000) and we will donate the entire fee to HABITAT for HUMANITY. Also, 10% of the fees you pay during the first year, will go to HABITAT helping many people to get a fresh start,

Our three profit generating services help you find tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit in your business. Using proven methods for better counting, planning, labor productivity and compensation management while benchmarking your results against other companies in our industry, you WIN!

PLAN A BENCHMARKING Get the basics for counting your revenue correctly with this self pace Quick Books instruction set. Group webinars help guide you through the set up process and beyond. Begin recording transaction in a standard way. We even assist in setting up a 2016 profit plan for you, giving you are start at improving the bottom line. Quarterly you can extract data and send to our confidential processing center and receive benchmark rankings. While this plan does not include coaching or regular insights on many issues, it does provide the basics for getting there on a budget. Set up Fees are $250 with 4 quarterly payment of $750 thereafter. A quorum of 20 companies in this class is required to start; expected start date November, 2015.

PLAN B FINANCIAL EXPERT This plan starts with set-up and basic revenue recognition practices and other fundamentals and allows for monthly coaching to the plan developed with you. With your monthly submission you can receive monthly benchmarking of your numbers. Set up Fees are $250 with 4 quarterly payment of $3000 thereafter. Start date can be immediate.

PLAN C FINANCIAL & SALES PROCES This plan adds an audit of your sales process and provides recommendations on client discovery, scope of work, design documents and more. Pipeline tracking methods, key sales to production practices, conducting rules for sales meeting, and secrets to increasing your sales bandwidth and productivity are shared. A bi-monthly Sales consulting session is included as well. Set up Fees are $250 with 4 quarterly payment of $6000 thereafter; this plan qualifies for BRAVAS Group induction, additional initiation fees required.

Even if you do not select a plan, you can contribute $250 to Habitat for Humanity by Registering. 

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