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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

5 Reasons Most Companies Do Not Get “A”’s

  1. They fail to price their bids for optimized profitability. Most companies miss on margin performance and others miss on the mix of labor and parts needed to provide healthy bottom lines.
  2. Their labor productivity is more than 30% inefficient. Job site planning, staging and dispatch practices, breakdowns in communications, absence of accountability measures and no team goals; generally mean 30% or more loss in efficiency.
  3. Compensation plans are out of alignment. Compensation does not always align with the work being performed or the value to the organization. Getting all job functions aligned and paid fairly can make a big difference.
  4. The generous cash cycle is not managed. Our clients loan us money to do their jobs. It can mean 20-30% of the job’s value in free cash. Few have discipline policies, request practices and controls in place to optimize this cash.
  5. Sales are not managed to consistent expectations. A consistent flow of proposals and bookings are key to keeping production billings steady and climbing. Few companies have these monthly targets in place and manage them diligently.

Get help improving your grades, you will make more profit and your Mom will be happy.

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