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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

Why Does Being In An Owner Group Make Sense?

We love independent businesses. The energy, conviction, passion they have to succeed is un-paralleled. Often a lone wolf in the darkness; they eat what they kill and they are survivalists.

So what’s wrong with that? Frankly, nothing but going it alone has some limitations in learning, building and often growing the business.

That’s why we see the Pack (the Group) as the ideal assist to independents to build their businesses efficiently and effectively. The Group in our case, Cooperative, allows resources to be pooled to do more at each location.

How many 25-person companies can afford a CFO, a professional marketing campaign, a process engineer, an organizational specialist or other valued advisors to the business? Together, you can.

In addition to monthly metrics, owners get a village to help build their business. As owners, you have limited focus, time and energy to make it happen. The Cooperative is the perfect vehicle for optimizing profit, improving bandwidth for growth and realizing the best value in your business.

We would love to tell you more on how it works. Email me Paul Starkey email