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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators


In 2014, member companies collectively grew sales 26% over 2013 levels, while improving net profits from 5.5% to 11.4%.

The CoOp’s profit-improvement strategies are enabled by each member conforming to CoOp standards:

■ Chart of Accounts Income accounts, COGS, compensation, expenses, AR, and Customer Deposits
aligned across companies.
■ Revenue Recognition Income is recognized as goods and services are delivered to the project.
■ Inventory Asset Inventory is treated as a balance sheet asset until ownership transfers to the client.
■ Deposit Treatment Customer credit balances in AR are tracked as Deposits Liabilities. These are
debited as customer invoices are created for work performed.
■ Progress-to-Completion Tracking From the moment projects are signed we track work completed
and continuously monitor the un-billed value of our contracts.
■ Compensation Reporting Our single largest expense is tracked in four distinct accounts that allow
consistent measures for assessing across the Group
■ Annual Planning A detailed annual financial plan is documented for each member to allow active
management against plan goals. Plans are developed, and outcomes reviewed,
together and continuously with our financial coaching service.

Some two dozen key metrics are used to track, compare, and rank each company’s monthly performance. These metrics provide individualized improvement guidance and feedback. They are reviewed during one-on-one coaching sessions with company owners. Working together, the owner and coach determine appropriate initiatives for optimizing company performance.

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