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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

During our decade of work with over 300 Custom Integration companies, we have learned one thing for certain: 99% of the CI companies significantly under-perform from a profit standpoint. We believe the top 1000 companies, on average, leave behind on average $100K/year of unrealized profit. That’s $100M of “orphaned” profit, every year. Our management system and processes have proven to help companies reclaim their share.

For most CI companies, the current market presents the opportunity significant growth over the next 3 years. Some estimate 60% to 100% growth. This would mean adding 10 to 20 people and changing the operating norm for most mid-size companies. Having full-time professional resources working for you during this time is critical to success.

Our services bring good companies together; provide a data centric approach to improving the business; and add new discipline to their businesses while retaining their entrepreneurial spirit.

PROFIT. GROW. PROSPER.™ Standards. Metrics. Coaching. Collaboration. Performance. Value-Creation. There Is Nothing Like it.

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