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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

A business that’s growing gives customers more confidence than a business that’s not.

A business that’s growing gives employees more opportunities than a business that’s not.

A business that’s growing gives its owner more options than a business that’s not.

But growth requires more skills, more people, and a willingness to evolve with the demands of the business. Rare is the owner who can readily manage these demands and changes without help.

For most, great management resources are an imperative.

Profitability must be planned and monitored. Process must be engineered for greatest efficiency. Vendor relationships must be leveraged. The customer experience and marketing must consistently engage and delight. Organizational architecture must allow people to develop and advance.

One approach is to hire the talent required to manage all the above. In a word, expensive (not to mention challenging and risky).

A better approach would be to join the VITAL Systems Cooperative. As a member of the CoOp, you would cost-share valuable management resources with other growth-minded companies. Utilize at your pace. Implement on a personalized basis. Collaborate with fellow members to enable and accelerate the growth of your business.

(Current members are planning 50-100% growth over the next three years.)

Joining the CoOp is far less risky and challenging than marshaling needed growth resources on your own. It’s significantly less expensive, too – CoOp economics allow members to benefit from these services and more, for the cost of a $12/hour full-time employee.

It’s not the only new employee you will need in the growth years ahead. But it might be the most valuable.

Why us?

We invite you to apply for this unique opportunity.