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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

For many owners the business is just Selling - Installing - Servicing. But we all know there are many moving parts to a CI business and it takes a well oiled team to execute phenomenally well.

We have observed some missing pieces, GAPS, in most companies. Consider these:

Proposal Gap - Many companies' issues start with the pricing and estimates included in their bids for the business. Without a system to measure and benchmark your Mix and Margins you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars of profit on the table.

Process Gap - Most medium size integrators run on the fuel of heroes in the business. Process comes second or even further behind. Growth can be hampered by co-dependency on key people.

People Gap - Growth in our business can require an ever changing alignment of people to get more work done. Organizational development is key as companies move from 10 to 20 to 30+ people. Having an ability to assess, develop and define changing positions during this rise is critical.

Client Experience Gap - In the haste to grow our clients sometimes get squeezed. Chasing new clients can leave our valued existing clients out of the communications cycle and many times out of our marketing plans. The lifetime value of high end clients is enormous and their ability to refer you is even greater.

Cost Gap - It is difficult for one company to demand the best cost in the marketplace. Buying Groups help but they sometimes fall short of getting strategic value from the vendor community. The Coop can compliment the buying group and add additional value and cost reduction.

Brand Gap - Most of the supplier brands in our space our enigmas to most consumers. And your company's brand is only known to your clients and a few design build partners. There simply isn't a luxury brand that comes to any client's mind for systems integration. This is a great opportunity for a national group.

The Mission of the Cooperative is to dedicate full time resources to closing these gaps for you. And, the Gaps cost your money! We consistently see $10K to $40K/month examples of less than optimal profit. click here to see the services that close the gap.