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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

Align your chart of accounts with our minimum requirement assuring classifications are in place. This is important to extract data between companies that can be compared. Getting an Apples-To-Apples comparison is critical to the collective knowledge of the Group. Isolating Equipment, Parts and Labor revenues and related costs are keys to optimizing the business.

Check revenue recognition to determine impact of adopting the standard methodology. We find various methods for recognizing revenue. Some with the intent to lessen or un-complicate sales taxes and the like. We have found only one methodology for matching revenue and cost in a way that you can best management the business. Without a standard method of measurement, your profit level means nothing to the company next to you. The method used is tried and proven and used by major corporations in America.

Determine balance sheet treatment of inventory and deposits. Can't find inventory or deposits on many CI companies books. Proper accounting requires inventory to be held until delivered and customer deposits to be treated as liabilities (a loan so to speak) to your business. Many companies confuse payments and money flow with revenue. They are two different things.

Begin to create project estimates in QuickBooks. One great way to keep current is to record your estimate of each project in QuickBooks and then update it as work is completed and goods are delivered. This internal invoicing method helps identify inefficiencies and again is separate from the funds your receive for the work.

Review posting requirements for goods, labor and parts used and performed on each job. Daily and weekly postings keep the business current and in-front of you. Simple methods for posting are provided and overall less clerical time can be achieved.

Create a proper payroll census and instill on the job clock-in and clock-out. Knowing when employees are on the job is important to billing for their work. No complicated job costing system is employed, just quick P&L logic and math to give you numbers that prove your labor efficiency.

Produce series of standard reports for comparative measures. We offer a complete set of QuickBooks reports to make data gathering easy and useful.

Develop an Annual Plan as baseline for monthly management actions. A month-by-month Annual Plan is developed and reviewed month to help keep management action current and timely. It far easier to achieve planned results with a plan than to wing it.

Review critical bidding practices: margin, mix, use of sub-contractors, actual vs estimate tracking/review, and cost containment programs. An immediate increase in profit can be gain by three strategies: increasing prices, lower costs or creating more volumes. An analysis of your margins and mix pinpoint these opportunities.

Determine key process gaps that create less than top performance in the 9 Key Metric areas.Our simplified owner dashboard brings key actions into focus. Often these issues are the result of key gaps in process and our experience and knowledge base of tens of companies help address these gaps.

Attend monthly coaching sessions to drive better performance through 80/20 management action and efforts. A personalized approach to your unique issues gets results faster for you.

Uncover key processes with you. From inventory procedures, staging, product release to jobs, product returns, sales documents to build documentation, sales persons roles, analysis of your source of revenues and what it means to your business, compensations plans, collection policies and more. No other service to our knowledge provides the in-depth knowledge of CI practices with proven results.

In matters of a few months, you will be addressing open gaps in the business and driving higher levels of performance engaging the entire team in a transformation that is financially sound and operationally excellent. With 2.0 your hit the ground fixing troubled areas and taking advantage of opportunities.

Continue to improve – with the help of others smart business owners, you will receive input on refinements and improvements to the system.

The collective know how of the group outweighs any one individual and we encourage open and frequent interactions between our owners.