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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Tuesday Morning Coffee

VITAL Question # 59

Posted on April 2, 2015 at 4:00 PM

How Can I Better Manage Change in My Business?

Everyone gets comfortable with the status quo. After all, the easiest way to do things… is the way you already do things.

Change is hard. People resist change because it requires learning to do things differently. But without a change in how things are done, outcomes are unlikely to improve (see Albert Einstein, Insanity).

At VITAL we are helping companies change in two fundamental areas: financial management and production management. Despite the fact that both have huge potential paybacks, it’s not easy for the organization to stay focused on the required initiatives. One of our key roles is to be the coach/accountability partner for the manager making the changes. We help get things done!

Here are three surefire hints for successfully managing change with the team.

1. Make sure the team – and particularly opinion leaders in the Group – buy into Why it is necessary to change.

2. Collaborate on how the change should be introduced. In many cases a phased approach is OK. Others like to tear the Band-Aid off quickly.

3. Review regularly, celebrate progress, and have improvement metrics visible to the Group.

To get a good read on how a company’s financial and production management compare with like companies (we call this benchmarking), it’s necessary to have a standard “counting” system that all companies use. Most companies are not set up to do this – “getting on the system” is one of the most fundamental changes they need to make. With the system in place, the ability to see and manage the business is magnified far beyond what companies can do on their own.

In the labor-based CI business model, having the most efficient production process is typically the difference between OK and great performance. Again, this is not an area where most companies have easily-compared standards. Our collaborative group model has helped us identify over 14 improvement strategies for maximizing labor productivity.

Change is hard, yes. But it doesn’t have to be disruptive. Come see how companies are adopting change and seeing immediate results. There is strength in numbers.



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