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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

What Is a VITAL Analysis?

With over 300 data sets amassed over the past 10 years in the CI business and currently with 14 active premier businesses sharing metrics, we have without a doubt the most informed set of analytics in this industry.

These benchmarks provide the basis for taking any Company’s basic P&L and Balance Sheet and determine in norm and out of norm performance.

Two dimension are provided:

  1. Important to determine if the accounting and financial management processes, meet certain standards. This usually points to areas that can help management get better and more reliable information.
  2. Your numbers will be matched against our Group to determine key areas where operational improvements can be made. These often are hidden cost areas where 100’s of thousands of dollars can be gained by addressing them systemically.

What You Can Expect

The Analysis can be done in a matter of a couple days. A simple extraction in an Excel format generally is all that is needed.

We should have 1 or 2 comments on your financial management methodology and sometimes as many as 3 comments on your operational improvement. Often we can first order estimate the impact these actions can have on your business. All pretty valuable insights provided for a fairly painless activity.

To get started just let us know who in the organization you wish us to work with. email me