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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

Vital MGMT is the creation of Paul Starkey a 23 year custom Installation Industry veteran in the residential home systems business. Paul has raised venture capital twice, acquired two companies, started two others and has in depth knowledge of the CI business. These acquisitions and mergers exceeded $280M in value. He has business operations, sales and marketing experience. His keen insights, innovation, and creativity have been recognized by many in our industry. [email protected] Paul is CEO of VITAL MGMT LLC and Executive Director of the BRAVAS Group cooperative.

Steve Firszt, Vital's President & COO, is an accomplished business coach in the custom installation business arena. Steve has first hand CE retail experience and successfully ran and sold a multi-location retail business. For the past twelve years he has helped over 240 companies improve their operating performance. He has developed a proven system for effecting the bottom line which is the foundation of the VITAL System. [email protected] Steve is the co-Executive Director of the BRAVAS Group cooperative.

Why us?

We help put the profit in,

so you can get the value out.

Wealth managers for you while you own the business.

The Bravas Group Cooperative began February 1, 2014 and currently has 28 members in the U.S. and Canada. Member applications are being accepted for over 50 key markets in the USA.

Due to the need to limit the group, VITAL seeks those companies with 9 or more employees with proven profitability, commitment to growth, a passion for customer service and a strong interest in working with trusted advisors.