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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

Six Keys Services

the following services are focused on immediate profit improvement and longer term enterprise value creation

Financial Management

There are no standards in the CI business for financial management. VITAL has a tried & proven system for getting you the simple information you need to become more profitable. Our client companies all adopt the system, its benchmarking and develop critical profit improvement strategies that become second nature. Personalized coaching helps you make these improvements. Most companies have 5 to 10 points of profit to gain by adopting the system.

Process Engineering

Determining the best practices and documenting them are strict requirements for growth. Moving from hero dependent actions to systems that work for the organization is a must to grow beyond a few superstars. Having a tool that creates step by step flow for each employee on every significant job in the company can facilitate training, proficiency and overall organizational efficiency. By keeping Standard Operating Procedures in the cloud, process changes can be made easily and communicated instantly.  

Sales Process

Consistently responding to customers and clearing the way for your sales people to increase their bandwidth for selling are always challenges for small businesses. Necessity seems to take the productive salespeople away from their main mission. Streamlining the process for greeting, meeting, estimating, designing and contracting for project work is needed. Making it more methodical and repeatable much like the production side of the business. Analytics and certain tools are needed to perform this well and scale the function beyond one or two salespeople.


While all companies are proud of their local brand, few have the ability to generate new luxury customers through marketing and go beyond their current design-build relationships that contributed 95% of their business. A national brand strategy will launch allowing companies to be strong locally and benefit from being discovered more frequently.

Should you have over 20% of your business coming from non relationship sources?

Human Resources

Not something most companies can afford alone. But organizational architecture during growth; including employee development, training, on boarding,and recruiting all are key requirements. And let's not forget the ever changing role of the owner/operator. A shared HR resources allows big company ability for smaller company operations.

Purchasing Admin

Every company has to react to every manufacturer's price change or SKU change, duplicating work for all. A central purchasing portal can lessen this requirement. Standardized coding of item level, product category and brands gives a whole new insight into purchasing effectiveness. Beyond what the buying groups offer, (and we have dealers in all three CI buying groups) the ability to firmly commit to key vendors can have benefit for the Group's recruiting and vendor support.