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Business Intelligence for Custom Integrators

VITAL MGMT directs a group of dealers in a mission to increase the value of their companies. It is a "do the work first" model. While no one company is committing to all phases of the journey, the expectation is that many will accomplish all 5 levels in a relatively short time.

First, the company must adopt the standards for counting and the processes associated with it.

Secondly, we expect companies to reach 20% Pre-Owner Income levels within 24 months of coming on board.

Thirdly, companies should grow to at least $5M organically.

Fourthly, we encourage owners to own their market; meaning to merge and/or start-up other locations to get to market leader goal. And, fifth, the use of the national brand, the ability to be audited by a reputable accounting firm and succession planning for those owners wishing to retire or not work actively in the business is expected to achieve the ultimate highest value.